Sunday, May 15, 2022

    Look: Dubai Smart police station floats to Expo 2020

    A police station at sea? If it’s Dubai, you can bet your last dirham its true!

    And Expo visitors will now get a chance to see a prototype of the ‘Floating Smart Police Station’ model, up close and personal.

    These smart police station are basically for people living outside the mainland – such as The World Islands — said a Dubai Police representative at Fazaa Pavilion, where the prototype is being showcased in line with the UAE Innovation Week.

    These floating stations will provide unmanned, innovative, e-police services to residents and be functional once the mega man-made island is officially launched. The station will cater to yacht and boat owners, and water sports lovers.

    Residents of the Islands can reach these stations by their boats and avail of criminal, traffic and community services such as paying fines, and reporting crimes – all without the presence of any police officers.

    The centre will stay connected to the headquarters and provide services 24/7. Additionally, it will provide public safety through smart technology and also aid in educating the community on protecting marine life.

    The floating police station is a 3-story building with two floors above water and one underwater. It resembles floating sea horse villas, but with smart technologies. The first level will have instruments that will facilitate services for the user, while the upper deck will be equipped with a surveillance drone. The underwater deck will have the mechanical belly which helps the station function and stay afloat.

    Dubai Police has over 15 integrated interactive self-service police stations across the city, of which four are at Expo 2020. These smart stations are open 24/7, and offer 45 smart services without human intervention in seven languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Chinese.

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