Sunday, May 15, 2022

    Why solo female travelers pick Dubai as their favorite destination

    Late night walks, dedicated sections in public transport and other privileges for woman are some factors that make Dubai a favourite destination for female solo travellers.

    As Dubai has been rated among the three safest cities in the world for women to travel, some female tourists say they come back to the emirate for tourism several times a year.

    Such is the case with Europe-based Camille Sumskaite who visits Dubai with her child up to three times a year.

    Sumskaite, a frequent traveller, said as a mother, “I feel safer in Dubai than my own country. I call this place home.”

    She added, “As a woman, I feel respected, always getting a helping hand, and having all the services I can think of within a reach of hand.”

    The late-night walks, soccer playing with her child in front of Burj Khalifa, and spending less than 15 minutes to reach the beach.

    “My son knows the city better than our hometown,” noted Sumskaite.

    Echoing similar sentiments was Maltese tourist Nydianne Farrugia who first visited Dubai to celebrate New Year’s Eve in 2018. Since then, she has frequently returned on solo trips to enjoy what the city has to offer.

    “At first I was cautious, but after the first few days, I started appreciating how beautiful Dubai is in many ways. Women are treated with so much respect, I felt safe and somehow even privileged to be a woman in Dubai.”

    Farrugia said she was especially astonished by the pink taxis and women’s only seats on public buses and metro that present “an example to the world”.

    “Even the metro’s cleanliness made me feel like I just entered a spa, not a metro!”

    Farrugia added that she shares the same values on life with Dubai such as the friendliness, kindness and generosity, noting that she would love to live in the city someday.

    “no wonder I feel I am in my happy place in Dubai.”

    Returning to her homeland in India weeks ago, Palak Shah said as a frequent female traveler, she feels safer in Dubai compared to the West.

    “In Dubai, nobody has approached me or made me feel unsafe even for a moment, which highly reflects how deeply rooted discipline is, led by the greatest rulers of all times.”

    British national Nadia K. visited Dubai several times before settling for a teaching job in July 2021.

    “I highly appreciate the opportunity to make memories in Dubai with my children and to live in safety and peace.”

    As a mother of two, she described Dubai as “one of the best cities because it has so much to do. You will never get bored even sitting at home and watching Netflix!”

    She added that “it’s the best places to live in and I can finally call it home!”

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