Sunday, May 15, 2022

    Dubai seeks to roll out trackless tram system soon

    The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has signed an agreement CRRC Zhuzhou of China to study the feasibility of developing a technological system for the Dubai Tram.

    Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Younes, CEO of Rail Agency, RTA, and Yang Zhiguo, CEO of CRRC Zhuzhou, signed the third agreement.

    “The agreement with the Chinese CRRC Zhuzhou Company provides for a study to assess the feasibility of rolling out a trackless tram system in Dubai manufactured by the company. The trackless tram system is a modern flexible system that offers cost and energy saving solutions for public transport means,” said Younes.

    “We are pleased to sign this agreement with RTA for Dubai Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART). Compared with conventional trams, the ART has distinctive features such as a short construction cycle, urban adaptability, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. We look forward to providing Dubai with innovative, smart and green transportation solutions,” said Zhiguo.

    In addition, RTA also signed a contract with Dubai Investments Park to enhance the operation, maintenance and development work within the protected zone of Route 2020 of Dubai Metro.

    Abdul Mohsen Ibrahim Younes and Omar Al Mesmar, General Manager at Dubai Investments Park, signed the agreement with the Dubai Investment Park.

    “This agreement ushers a new era of cooperation between our company and the Roads and Transport Authority to streamline and operate the protected zone of Route 2020 of the Dubai Metro to bring it in line with the top international standards. The signing of the agreement stems from a solid strategy of the Dubai Investments Park to pursue a futuristic vision that contributes to advancing Dubai’s profile as a global destination,” said Al Mesmar.

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